On February 28 I called Pannunzio Drainage because my sewer drain would not flow. I had never talked to anyone in this company before and just expected to make an appointment to get things checked out. I talked to Marco Pannunzio and he came out to my home right away. Within a couple of days they were there to do the work (replace the sanitary sewer from the front wall of my house to the sewer at the lot line, as well as install a cleanout in the front yard). They were here by 8am and completely finished before noon. They had explained to me what was happening as well as giving me just some friendly conversation. Everybody with this company is very friendly and helpful and they do great work. I will happily recommend Pannnunzio Drainage to anyone who needs work done.
Thank you for the great job guys.

Stewart Wiley

To Whom it May Concern

On January 27th the sewer was replaced at my parents home. The work was done by Pannunzio Drainage.
Please let me start at the begining though. My family was in crisis with my dad's health problems,
we knew we had to have the sewer replaced almost immediately.
From the first phone call we found out the information we needed then we had to make a decision.
After deciding, we had a city employee out to the house for inspection. This gentleman,Vince Marino explained
the full situation we were facing and about the importance of the paperwork needing to be done right away.
Rather than us waiting for the mail, Vince personally dropped them off to be signed, for me to return.
When I returned the paperwork I dealt with another gentleman, JV Macasaet.
This man was very helpful to us in regarding other forms of paperwork needed. After I retrived what was required,
JV put the job into a rush position, with Vince's approval. Not having a clue who to hire for this work a recommendation was made and I agreed to go with trusting this choice. Pannunzio Drainage arrived in the early morning hours
and went to work. The owner his sons and a crew member were very informative and friendly.This crew worked diligently
through the day until nightfall to complete this job. In the dead of winter they worked 13hrs through.
We found them to be very professional. Their respect went beyond the norms of some working crews I have experienced
after recently building a home. Not once did I hear any vulgarity from their mouths.
Definitely a good choice for anyone needing this type of work done. We wish to thank you all for a job well done.
We commend all of you !

God Bless All
Mr. & Mrs. J. Hebert
Ms. Sandra Hebert

Dear Carmine,

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for the recent job you completed at my house.
You, your sons and Chris did an excellent job and your hard work was very much appreciated. Thank you for coming
so quickly and doing such a great job of cleaning up after such a long day. You would hardly even know that you were
here after such a large excavation and line replacement. I have no problem in recommending you and your boys to
anybody and have already told neighbours and friends of the quality of service that you provide.
Once again, thank you for your work and I hope you had good luck and rest on your hunting trip!

Yours truly,
Vic Saby

Dear Mr. Pannunzio,

On December 16, 2002, I discovered sewage backing up from my basement floor drain. After several failed attempts
to eel out the drain, I contacted your company. You came to my home that evening and confirmed my worst fears when
you determined that a drainage tile had collapsed. With Christmas only nine days away, timing couldn't have been worse.
We were unable to run any water in the house without increasing the mess in my basement. To my delight,
you promised to have my sewer restored before Christmas. On December 23, 2002, at 8:00am you started on my job
which consisted of digging a hole in my front lawn and drilling under the house. Given the extent of the outside and inside excavation, I was anticipating several days before completion. To my surprise, service was restored early that afternoon. Eight hours after you started, the hole in my front lawn was filled and two holes in my basement floor were cemented over. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt response and excellent service. Your companies performance exceeded my expectations and salvaged our Christmas. Feel free to use me as a reference. I have enclosed some photographs taken throughout the day.

Mr. George McPhee